Wilton Assault On An Officer Lawyer

Going up against the word of a law enforcement officer will almost always put you at a disadvantage in court, but a skilled Wilton assault on an officer lawyer could help even the odds. With guidance from an experienced assault attorney, you could more effectively challenge the allegations made against you and potentially mitigate your risk of serious criminal sanctions.

What Constitutes Assault of a Police Officer or Emergency Personnel?

Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167c defines the physical assault of police officers, medical personnel, public transit workers, and other public safety officials as a discrete criminal offense from other forms of assault. Under this statute, a person may be charged with this specific form of assault if they commit any of the following actions against any of the aforementioned parties:

  • Causing physical harm of any kind
  • Throwing any object capable of causing physical harm at them
  • Using mace, tear gas, or another chemical irritant on them
  • Throwing paint, dye, or any other staining material at them
  • Throwing any bodily fluid or substance at them

Technically, a person must deliberately and knowingly assault an officer with the intent of preventing them from carrying out their legal duties in order to be convicted of this offense. However, courts often place a lot of stock in the subjective testimony of officer as to whether they were “assaulted,” so there is unfortunately no set definition for what constitutes interference with a police officer’s duties in this way. A qualified Wilton attorney could offer further clarification about why a defendant was charged with assault on an officer and what their options for defending themselves might be.

What Are The Criminal Consequences For Assaulting an Officer in Wilton?

Assault of an officer is a class C felony offense, which means a convicted individual can face up to 10 years in prison as well as a maximum fine of $10,000.

This charge is prosecuted much more severely than interference with a police officer would be under C.G.S. §53a-167a, as that offense is typically a class A misdemeanor and can only become a class D felony if the defendant’s actions result directly in someone suffering serious injury or death. In order to minimize the risk of facing prison time, fines, and the permanent loss of civil privileges due to a felony conviction, representation from a skilled lawyer is virtually essential for anyone accused of assaulting a peace officer in Wilton.

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