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Getting arrested in Wilton for disorderly conduct under 53a-182 can have a devastating impact on your professional and personal reputations. As Wilton, Connecticut is a small town, the online publication of your arrest report in the Wilton Bulletin, Wilton Villager, or Wilton Daily Voice can tarnish your reputation for years if not handled properly by a lawyer who can remove your Wilton disorderly conduct arrest from the internet.

Being served with a “Misdemeanor Summons and Complaint” ticket for disorderly conduct is considered an actual arrest in all of your background checks.

So what may feel like a speeding ticket is actually an arrest for a domestic violence crime which will come with a Norwalk Superior Court protective/restraining order hearing, an invasive and sometimes uncomfortable interview or interrogation with a Connecticut family relations officer, and conditions of release which can include anger management, alcohol and drug testing, or a GPS ankle bracelet.

So if you have been arrested in Wilton for disorderly conduct, be sure to contact a Wilton domestic violence attorney to protect you on that critical first day in Norwalk Superior Court.

What is Disorderly Conduct in CT?

Disorderly conduct is defined in Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-182, and includes the following actions:

  • Fighting or engaging in threatening, tumultuous, or violent behavior
  • Annoying or interfering with another person by conduct considered offensive or disorderly
  • Making “unreasonable” level of noise
  • Interrupting a lawful meeting or assembly without proper authority
  • Blocking traffic in the road or sidewalk
  • Refusing to disperse when ordered to do so while congregating with others in a public place
  • Trespassing and watching another person in their home while they have an expectation of privacy

The law governing disorderly conduct in Wilton is very broad and encompasses a wide range of conduct – because of this the Wilton police and prosecutors frequently tack on disorderly conduct charges to most domestic violence arrests. So, if you have been arrested for disorderly conduct in Wilton, contact a top Wilton criminal defense attorney to help fight your charges.

What Are The First-Time Disorderly Conduct Offenders?

If this is your first time getting arrested, then a Wilton disorderly conduct lawyer should warn you to be wary of applying for the Connecticut Family Violence Education Program (also called the “FVEP.”) While this program is sometimes the most appropriate and ideal way to resolve a disorderly conduct arrest, it’s not for everyone, especially hard-working men and women who have to commute into New York City.

There are other options available to first-time Connecticut domestic violence offenders. What Connecticut family relations officers won’t explain to you is that the Family Violence Program will keep your case alive for up to two years, result in the extension of your current protective/restraining order, and can be used against you in divorce or child custody proceedings.

What are the Penalties for my Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

Even though disorderly conduct is classified as a misdemeanor in Connecticut, you can still face jail time, heavy fines, and probation.  A conviction for disorderly conduct may seem minor, but it can have a lasting effect on your criminal record, your social life, and your employment.

Contact a Wilton Disorderly Conduct Attorney

If you are facing charges for a disorderly conduct arrest in Wilton under CGS 53a-182, or have been issue a “Misdemeanor Summons and Complaint” ticket, then contact a Wilton disorderly conduct attorney today.

Since you will have to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on the next business morning for your disorderly conduct arrest, you will need to get prepared quickly for the restraining order hearing that can have you ordered out of your own home for months and get you tagged with an unnecessary and medieval GPS monitoring ankle bracelet.

And if children are involved, also expect to have Wilton DCF investigators showing up unannounced at your front door within 48 hours of your arrest/summons.

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