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Arrests for harassment frequently arise out of domestic disputes. While the offense may not sound serious, the penalties can be, so it is wise to take precautionary measures right away. If you have been arrested for harassing someone, retain the services of a Wilton harassment lawyer. A determined domestic violence lawyer can work diligently to build your defense and ensure you know what to expect throughout the legal process.

Two Degrees of Harassment Arrests

In Connecticut, the crime of harassment is classified as two separate offenses which are quite different, although they both involve electronic or written communications.

First-degree harassment is a felony, while harassment in the second-degree is a misdemeanor. However, both crimes carry the potential for the imposition of a prison sentence and a substantial fine making it important that a Wilton harassment attorney is consulted.

Harassment in the Second-Degree

Second-degree harassment—the most commonly charged harassment crime —is defined in Section 53a-183 of the Connecticut General Statutes, which sets forth three scenarios that can get a person arrested. The first is when an individual speaks to another person on the phone using indecent or obscene language.

The second situation occurs when an individual communicates with another by any form of written communication including those transmitted via computer, with the intent to harass, annoy or alarm in a way that is likely to cause such reaction.

The third situation transpires when an individual places a telephone call (or repeated calls) in a manner “likely to cause annoyance or alarm” with the intent of harassing, annoying or alarming the party on the other end of the line. A conversation is not necessary for a phone call to constitute harassment, so simply dialing and hanging up could be considered harassment if police can prove the requisite intent. In unclear of whether an action could be considered harassment, it is important to discuss with a Wilton harassment lawyer to avoid exposing yourself to increased penalties.

Harassment in the First-Degree Arrests

A person can get arrested for harassment in the first-degree if they threaten to physically kill or injure another person, and if the threat is communicated in writing or electronic means in a way likely to cause annoyance or alarm and that individual has previously been convicted of a significant felony.

Intent is Often Crucial

In almost all Harassment arrests, the prosecution must prove that an individual acted with specific intent.  For that reason, it is vital to preserve as much evidence as possible that can be used to challenge the prosecutor’s case.  That includes any evidence from social media, text messages, emails, or anything else which can demonstrate that an individual did not act with the intent to harass, annoy or alarm another.

Criminal Penalties for Wilton Harassment Arrests

Anyone pleading guilty to a harassment arrest in Wilton can be sentenced to the following:

  • Imprisonment (0-5 years for first-degree harassment; up to 3 months for second-degree harassment)
  • Fines ($5,000 for first-degree harassment, $500 for second-degree harassment)
  • Probation and fines
  • A standing criminal protective order that can last for up to 50 years
  • A court-ordered psychiatric evaluation

A skilled Wilton harassment lawyer can attempt to mitigate any potential penalties an individual faces.

Work with an Experienced Wilton Harassment Lawyer

If you have been charged or arrested in Wilton with harassment second degree, then consult a Wilton harassment lawyer as soon as possible to help protect your rights and work toward the optimum outcome in your case.

Intent is a critical evidentiary element in many cases, so it is crucial to act quickly to preserve electronic evidence concerning intent and other elements of the offense.  An experienced Wilton harassment lawyer will understand how the law applies to your case and how to craft the best possible defense.

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