Wilton Protective Order Violations

If you are arrested on suspicion of a domestic violence offense, your initial arraignment hearing will almost always result in the imposition of a protective order against you. Working with a protective order attorney could be essential if you want to achieve a successful resolution to a protective order violation in Wilton.

What Is a Protective Order?

Connecticut state law allows for courts to institute and enforce a protective order against a person arrested for domestic violence almost immediately after they are detained. Depending on what they are accused of doing and on various other factors, this order may require the defendant to refrain from all contact with their alleged victim, or it may simply mandate that they not harass or harm that alleged victim any further. To learn more about the levels of protective orders in Wilton, click here.

What Happens if you Violate a Restraining Order?

Under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-223, any person in Wilton subject to a protective order who violates said order may be charged with a class D felony offense. This holds true whether you violate a partial protective order, a residential stay away order, or a full no contact order. It also remains true no matter how you specifically violated the order, even the smallest violation could lead to criminal sanctions.

If convicted of violating a protective order, a defendant may face a prison sentence of one to five years in length, as well as a $5,000 fine. Once retained, a protective order attorney could work on a defendant’s behalf to mitigate their chances of dealing with these consequences in their case.

Can you Contest Allegations of a Protective Order Violation?

After being accused of violating a protective order, you will be brought into court for a hearing. The best defense strategy for an individual accused of violating a protective order will depend on various factors, including whether the violation was intentional, what particular offense the original protective order was based on, the amount of evidence available to refute the allegation of a violation, and sometimes even whether the defendant shows sufficient remorse for their actions.

A seasoned protective order attorney could help determine the best course of action for an individual’s unique circumstances and prepare for their court date accordingly. This help can include gathering statements from witnesses.

Talk to an Attorney About Protective Order Violations in Wilton

The consequences of violating a protective order can be severe. You may end up facing felony prison time and fines in addition to whatever sanctions come out of your original domestic violence charges. Call Mark Sherman Law today to discuss how experienced legal counsel could help you with an accusation of a protective order violation in Wilton. You can read our certified five-star reviews on avvo.com by following this link.


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