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If you were arrested for allegedly blackmailing someone else with or for sexual favors, you should think twice before trying to defend yourself in court without help from a Wilton sextortion lawyer. There are a few different ways that prosecutors approach these kinds of matters, and an experienced sex crimes attorney familiar with all of them could help you build a case defense that fits your unique situation.

How Does State Law Define “Sextortion?”

While it is sometimes used to refer to blackmail extortion involving sexual images or favors, the term “sextortion” does not yet appear anywhere in Connecticut state law. Instead, law enforcement authorities generally charge individuals accused of this kind of behavior under one of two existing statutes, depending on exactly what they are accused of doing.

If someone allegedly threatened to spread around sexually explicit images or videos sent to them in confidence by the individual depicted in those materials, they may be charged with a violation of Connecticut General Statutes §53a-189c. This section of state law makes it a class A misdemeanor to knowingly and intentionally disseminate an image of someone who is clearly identifiable and in a sexually exposed or intimate position without that person’s consent, unless the depicted individual had voluntarily exposed themselves in a public place or the release of the image in question would serve the public interest.

Alternatively, anyone who threatens to disseminate someone else’s intimate images of themselves unless the depicted person pays them or provides sexual favors may be charged with larceny by extortion, which C.G.S. §53a-122 defines as a class B felony regardless of the amount of money involved. A Wilton sextortion attorney could go into further detail about how state law categorizes these offenses and what circumstances might lead to charges under either statute.

How to Fight to Reduce Penalties of Sextortion

Based on the specific charges involved, a conviction for “sextortion” may lead to anywhere from one year in jail and a fine of $2,000 at most to a prison sentence between one and 20 years in length plus a $15,000 fine. If the offense is classified as a felony, a convicted individual may lose several civil rights after they are released from confinement, including the right to own a gun and the right to vote.

The best strategy for minimizing a defendant’s risks of facing repercussions this severe can vary a lot depending on the circumstances. A sextortion attorney in Wilton may be able to help a defendant fight their case by arguing that they did not knowingly disseminate anyone’s intimate images, that they were unaware they were doing so without the depicted party’s consent, or that the images became public by some other means prior to the defendant’s alleged actions.

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“Sextortion” can be a somewhat confusing criminal accusation to face, as there is no charge under state law that uses that exact terminology. However, it is absolutely a matter that you should take seriously, since you could end up facing felony charges for this kind of behavior depending on how state authorities interpret what you allegedly did.

A qualified Wilton sextortion lawyer could prove to be an essential ally in your fight to protect your best interests. Check out our hundreds of certified Avvo.com reviews by clicking here. Call today to learn more about the help one could provide.

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